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Friday, May 30, 2008

God's Grace is Speaking... Loud and Clear

*This is a very personal post... but I feel that God wants us to share our experiences (struggles/joys) so that others can be encouraged... so if you read, I pray the Spirit will speak to you as well.*

Okay... so, my wonderful friend Lisette sent me this video yesterday. I wasn't sure what I was watching at first... but as it went on I began sobbing uncontrollably... I realized that the Holy Spirit was convicting me of some pretty big things in my life. I have been struggling lately with feeling passionate about our ministry. I'm sure all ministers have their downtimes... and I think we have had our fair share. I'd begun to think things I'm not proud of... could God have forgotten all about us? But over the past few weeks, God has continued to remind me over, and over again that HE IS HERE... and HE LOVES ME... and HE WILL TAKE CARE OF US! Through our pastor's sermons on the book of Job, to financial blessings from family and friends, to videos on the internet, I have been reminded of God's great love and his great grace. I have been feeling so unworthy to serve in HIS kingdom, but this video reminded me that none of us are... but HIS grace is sufficient. I am resolved to OBEY... despite my struggles, despite my questions... I know God will honor it... in his way... in HIS timing! As I was browsing the net tonight, I came across this same video again on a fellow photographer's blog. Twice in a row... I think God might want me to share this... so please watch... and know that you are loved!

ps... please pray for baby Maddy (other photog's newborn neice)... she had a successful surgery today, she's just a couple days old... but needs prayer for her and her family during recovery time!
Thanks Again!

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Lisette Price Photography said...

Lauren, I am so glad that I sent this video to you. The email you sent me in response to it really opened my eyes. I didn't think of God as using me by me sending it out, until you pointed it out. The video is amazing and it had me in tears too. God's grace is good!!

Oh - and I originally found it on Scarlett Lillian's blog (she's a photographer too). You should check her out, I think you would really like her words and pictures. It wasn't until after I emailed it out that I saw it on Rachel's! That video is allowing God to speak to so many people! :)