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Monday, June 2, 2008

Not just a house...

So... anyone who knows me, knows the fondness I have in my heart for my parents' home... the home I lived in for over 10 years... the home my parents built when I was a very little girl! I have so many great memories from this home, and I still feel so peaceful and relaxed when I'm there. As much as I love this home, I know that it is time to move on and let go. I've learned how to make my own house with my own family into my home. And now, after 17 years, my parents are planning to move and sell their beautiful home. They asked me if I could take a couple photos for them to use with their real-estate listings... but as you can see I got pretty carried away. Most of these photos are probably too "artsy" for them to use in real-estate listings... but I still love having this artwork to remember this home by. Jimmy jumped in later to save the day and took a couple more real-estatie (i know that's not a word) photos. Thanks Jimmy... I'm sure my parents thank you too. So anyway... here they are... enjoy!


*my husband stole the camera and took these last two wide shots... thanks Jimmy*




Lisette Price Photography said...

Wait a minute!! Where are your parents moving to? I know you're going to miss that house! I still remember staying the night with you when your room was the little one off to the left when you come in on the main floor. haha That was soooo long ago!

lauren via said...

hey lisette,

they're moving to Abingdon... but they have to sell the house first. and yes, we did have some fun times in that house... a LONG time ago!