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I'm so glad that you stopped by to check out my blog. Here you will find updates about my life as a wife, mama, worship leader, and photographer. I specialize in children and family photography as well as weddings, but I love to capture all special moments and the beauty of all creation! I am so blessed and it is my prayer to honor our Creator through all that I do!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

52 weeks (prt. 3)

Rachel Absher asked that we try to get creative this week and put the words "52 weeks" into our photo in some way. I had lots of neat ideas, but this one seemed to work out the best. This one also seems so true to our daily life! So, for now, this is my submission for the week. I might change my mind before tomorrow, but it looks like this one is it! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Funny Stuff!

So, Jimmy moved his blog over to a blogspot account. He has put some VERY funny videos of Declan up there. If any of you have been keeping up with my blog for a while, you'll remember the story of Declan's "messy" naptime. Well, on Jimmy's blog there's some video related to that!
Hope you watch, hope you enjoy!

Friday, February 22, 2008

52 Weeks (prt. 2)

Here's my "52 weeks" submission for this week!

ps... you can also check it out on Rachel Absher's blog, along with other's submissions for this week.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Photos from Wise

Here are a few more photos from our weekend at home in Wise.

Declan and his Pops!

another of Declan and Pops... I don't know why this one loaded so small... sorry!

Everytime Declan sees a phone he points and says "Heyo"
(hello... for those who don't have kids)
Declan and his Nana!

Also, my brother's band had a concert on Sunday night... here's a slide show of some photos I got.

New Website!!! Yay!

Hey everyone!!! I'm excited to announce that our brand-spankin' NEW website is up and running!!! FINALLY! I did the web design, and Jimmy did most of the technical aspects. There are still a few things that we'd like to tweak in the future, but currently don't have the technical capacity to do so. Please check it out and let us know what you think. Also, we are still looking for a name, so check out the site or Jimmy's blog for more info. Please, please, please start sending in your suggestions for our band/duo name! We look forward to hearing from you!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Lovely Day!

Friday was sooo beautiful! Too bad we spent most of the afternoon in the car on I-81. At least we were enjoying the sunshine through the windows! Anyway, here are a few photos of Declan that I shot before we headed out of town on Friday. We spent the weekend with my family in Wise... I hope to have some more photos up soon. Hope you enjoy these for now!

Declan is so proud and excited to be facing forward in the car seat for the FIRST time!!!


we have these pretty purple flowers popping up all over our yard... too bad they've missed the actual flower beds!!!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Goodies...

My husband and I rarely give gifts on holidays. We don't even give each other Christmas gifts. We just like to enjoy special time together while saving our money for more immediate needs. So, needless to say, I wasn't expecting much for Valentines day... a nice card, and dinner out with a gift card we'd been saving. However, my sweet hubby had much more in mind. I received flowers for the first time since we were married, a box of champagne dark chocolates (yes champagne in the chocolates!), a beautiful card (as always) and a wonderful Italian meal!
What a treat! My gift to Jimmy was a card (as always) and a CLEAN BEDROOM!!! Last night was probably the first time since Declan was born that we could walk through our room without dodging an ironing board, dirty clothes, shoes, and anything else we needed to put out of sight when company came over!!! We still stepped lightly out of habit! haha....
Anyway, here are a few pictures of some of our valentine goodies!

ps... thanks to our students Stephen and Whitney for babysitting Declan so we could enjoy a special night out!



Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

My Sweet Valentines..... the first one is also my submission for this week's "52 Weeks" challenge!

1 John 4:7... "Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.".... 4:19... "We love because He first loved us."
Thank God for His Love!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Handsome... and did I mention talented... Husband

A few photos I shot of my hubby while he was working on a song he's writing!



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Unexpected Blessing

Since my decision to spend more time taking photos and learning the art of photography, I've had the opportunity to come across some extremely talented photographers. One such photographer is not only very talented, but is dedicated to sharing her gift as a photographer for the glory of God. I like to read her blog and check out her photos of her two young boys... especially since I am the mother of a little guy myself. Today, I was surprised to find a very transparent entry on Rachel's blog... and as I read, God truly spoke to me. She talked about her struggle with self-image (something I am no stranger to... as anyone who knows me well could tell you) and her realization that God created her and he equipped her with gifts or "talents" for a specific reason. She shared the "Parable of the Talents" from the scripture. I was amazed because not even a few hours before I had read the same passage as part of my daily quiet time. I know God created me for a purpose and I know he has entrusted me with everything I have. All I have, all I am is a gift... a gift with a responsibility. And, until I learn to be faithful with what I've been entrusted, I know Christ cannot possibly lead me on to do bigger and better things for His Kingdom. So, thank you Rachel for the unexpected reminder... and for the encouragement of knowing there are others out there who share my struggles, prayers, and experiences! What an unexpected blessing!

... on a side note, Rachel also has issued a challenge to her readers to get in front of the camera with their kiddos every week for the next year. I'm already a few weeks behind, but I thought I would accept her challenge. Maybe this will help me get over my camera-shyness and help me learn to enjoy not only being behind the lens but being in front of it as well. I will be sending my photos to Rachel's blog as well as posting them to my blog each week. I hope you enjoy!
I'll try to have my first post up tomorrow!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Duck Pond

So... the weather was so beautiful yesterday morning we decided to go out to the duckpond at VT. Declan had so much fun chasing the ducks into the water, petting dogs and watching an otter catch fish in the pond.... YES... an OTTER!!! did you know there were otters in Tech's duckpond??? I sure didn't! Anyway... it was a great day. Here are a few photos I was able to get before my batteries died!






And here's one Jimmy caught of Declan and I getting close to the ducks... the batteries died as soon as he snapped the photo!

Baby Aiden

At our BCM Superbowl party Declan got to meet a new little friend. His name is Aiden and he's the son of some campus ministry friends of ours at Radford. Isn't he a doll?


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Here are a few photos I took last week during the freezing rain and icing!



Our Little Music Man!


Monday, February 4, 2008

New Look?

Ok, so I think I finally am satisfied with the look of my blog... at least for now. I can't tell you how many hours I have stared at html codes wondering if my eyes could truly freeze in a crossed position!!!! Anyway... Please give me some feedback on the new look... I really want constructive criticism so I can make any important changes that you all suggest.

PS.... I hope to upload some new photos later this week.... things have been pretty crazy for us lately and I haven't had much time with my camera!

Thanks!!! :O)