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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tagged By Lisette... so, here's my Joy List!

My wonderful friend Lisette has tagged me to make my "Joy List." You can check out her blog if you want more info... or would like to see her list. We've been close friends since we were in high school, so our lists might be quite similar... I love her for the things we have in common... and for our differences!

So, here are as many of the things that bring me joy as I could think of... and not necessarily in order of importance... but in the order they entered my mind...

1. the Saving Grace of Christ
2. a daily walk and relationship with my Savior
3. worshiping through music
4. singing... especially with my husband
5. my husband, Jimmy
6. my little baby D
7. Jimmy's soul-full voice
8. Declan's big blue eyes and goofy personality
9. Big... sloppy baby kisses
10. cooking an amazing meal... especially if I don't have to do dishes
11. eating an amazing meal
12. watching someone enjoying something I've cooked
13. having ANYONE over for coffee on a weekday
14. sleeping in
15. fashionable baby clothes
16. onesies
17. newborn baby smell
18. new car smell
19. old book/library smell
20. new shoe/shoe store smell
21. Target
22. my parent's home... my original home
23. my mother's gentle guidance
24. my father's love and pride in his children
25. eating sushi with my sister... one of the most beautiful people you'll ever see
26. watching my brother perform in a play or lead worship with his band
27. my Granddad... and EVERYTHING about him
28. my Grandmother's love
29. my Poppie's hugs
30. every memory of my Mammaw
31. hanging out with my sister-in-law/brother-in-law
32. childhood memories... so many great ones
33. roller coasters
34. the beach... especially the gulf coast
35. watching my honeymoon videos... driving around Vieques, PR in a jeep exploring beaches!
36. looking at old photos, wedding photos, photos of Declan
37. seeing those I love succeed at what they love
38. being there for friends and family
39. getting a letter or card... in the actual mailbox
40. fresh flowers
41. fresh coffee
42. fresh produce
43. pretty nail polish
44. funky jewelry
45. shoes!
46. taking photos... capturing moments/memories
47. making people happy
48. hanging out with college students... in their environment
49. welcoming people into my home
50. Laura Cook's desserts
51. breakfast with lovely ladies who teach me so much
52. learning new things
53. many diverse styles of music
54. Worshiping with Christy Knockel's voice/music
55. Blacksburg... and all things Virginia Tech
56. Fall in the New River Valley
57. Late summer evenings... and sunset after 9pm
58. hiking/camping... smell of campfire... crispy burnt hot dogs/marshmallows
59. being crafty or creative
60. doing something unexpected for someone I love
61. traveling... all over the world
62. learning about other cultures
63. staying in a hotel... even just one night
64. taking a ride in an airplane
65. driving through backroads on a sunny day...windows down...music loud... hubby at the wheel
66. a new haircut
67. a clean house
68. a truly fine glass of wine/champagne
69. coconut/curry
70. fresh salsa/chips
71. watching movies with my hubby
72. watching LOST and Gilmore Girls
73. long afternoon naps near a warm, sunny window
74. fresh laundry smell
75. when Jimmy does the dishes
76. my true friends
77. making new friends
.... and because I can't end on an odd number
78. even numbers.... I know, I'm weird!

Okay... so here are some of the things that bring me joy... WOW... this really puts things into perspective. Today, I've really been thinking about those around the world who are suffering... in Myanmar, China... and so many other places. I am ashamed at how ungrateful I can be... and am so thankful to Lisette for tagging me, not only so I can share this fun joy list with you guys... but mostly so I could be reminded of just how truly blessed I am... even after going through a recent difficult time! Thank you God for your goodness! So, please send me your joy list... as a comment or through email... I'll post it... and we can encourage others to focus on the things that bring us joy!

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Lisette Price Photography said...

I'm so glad you're back to blogging! I checked your blog quite a bit with nothing new and I must admit I missed it. Your joy list was fun to read and I love all the new pics! :)