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Thursday, April 17, 2008

silly little D... what a beautiful mess!

Oh Wow! I love my little D! This little mess brings me so much joy! He's my favorite kiddo ever... and not just because he happens to be my son! So... a funny story! Every Thurs. evening we have a couple of students over for leadership training. My husband does the study with them, and I serve up some coffee or treats while trying to keep an eye on Declan. Last Thursday, we went to answer the door as the students arrived and left Declan in the living room for just a few minutes. When we returned, we found that he had taken off his shirt, climbed into the bucket part of his toy drum, and proceeded to "read" a book while singing "twinkle little star" to himself. I grabbed my camera as quickly as possible and managed to catch two quick (and terrible looking) photos before the fun ended. AH... speaking of the little guy... I just heard a loud "HeYO" come from his room, which means naptime is over! Gotta' Go... enjoy these photos... (again, they're bad, but you get the picture...)



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