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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Apparently my last post necessitates some clarification. Yes, my nose is unfortunately broken, so for those who actually want to know the long story... here it is:

Monday morning I was hoping to get Declan down for a nap (it has become difficult to get two naps in lately). I carried him into his room and went over to his crib to get a blanket. His glider/rocker is right next to the crib and it has an ottoman that sticks out a little. As I turned around to sit in the rocker, my leg hit the ottoman (which must have been closer than it normally is) and I was suddenly sent flying forward with Declan in my arms. I panicked and curled my arms around him as tightly as possible. Since I was protecting him, my arms couldn't brace my fall and so my face went straight to the floor and hit a big metal heating grate (our house is old). I immediately started screaming because I thought I had hurt Declan... Jimmy came running in immediately and picked Declan up... he was just fine and was laughing and mocking my crying! I, on the other hand, quickly realized that I was not just fine! My nose was scraped and had a huge lump right on the bridge... and I couldn't turn my neck to the left without feeling terrible pain. Once my sister made it over to watch Declan, Jimmy took me to the ER. We were there for hours... and they forced me to wear this aweful, ugly, painful neck brace! The x-ray showed that my neck wasn't broken (wow) and that my nose had a "squiggly line that looked like a crack"... yes, those were the ER doc's exact words! Anyway, I was sent home with some powerful drugs... but was told that nothing could be done about my sprained neck or cracked nose. Today I had another visit to the doctor where it was confirmed that my neck is badly sprained, my nose is actually broken, and I have a deep bone bruise under my left upper arm. All this... and we're supposed to be leaving town on Friday to lead worship for a youth conference in Richmond! I just hope I'll be able to sing!

All I can say is thank God that my injuries aren't worse, and that Declan is perfectly FINE!

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Lisette Price Photography said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Lauren I'm so glad that this wasn't any worse - not that it's good! - and that Declan was unharmed! I'll be praying for you and that your trip goes well despite your injuries. I'll be calling soon to check on you!