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Monday, January 28, 2008

oh... that Declan!

Saturday afternoon, our lovely son decided that he was not going to take his afternoon nap. No real surprise there... as this has become a habit over the past week or so. However, we did leave him in his room alone to prove the point that it WAS Nap-time! The surprise came after we couldn't take his whining any longer and went in to check on him. We discovered that Declan decided it would be a better way to spend his time if he was to undress himself completely, do a LOT of "business" in his diaper, take his diaper off and roll around in said "business." To save anyone else from witnessing the "horror" I obviously didn't take any pictures of this nap-time disaster! However, at dinner, Declan was so exhausted from his choice not to sleep that he literally drank his milk while COMPLETELY ASLEEP!!! I never knew such a thing could be possible... but apparently ANYTHING is possible with MR. Declan!
I had to grab my camera and take a few photos of our silly little man! Jimmy took some video as well... maybe he'll put it on his website!

Here's a photo... enjoy!

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