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Friday, January 25, 2008

Learning my way around the "digital darkroom."

For those of us who take digital photographs, there is an inability to use darkroom techniques to edit, enhance, or stylize photos. However, we are so fortunate to have Photoshop as our "digital darkroom." Photoshop allows us to go above and beyond the possibilities that lie in the traditional darkroom. Jimmy gave me a great manual/textbook that has helped (along with some internet searching) me learn to use Photoshop to edit, enhance and create artistic versions of my photos. Here's some of the recent work I've been doing in Photoshop.

the quality of these first two is not as good because i took them several years ago on film and scanned them into the computer... but i was trying to learn how to make the best out of such a situation... and i really liked the original photos themselves...

city square/outdoor cafe... Madrid, Spain

"In Need"... Managua, Nicaragua


Lisette Price Photography said...

I really love the first image. The color of his skin is glowing and the green background just pops out at you!

lauren via said...

thanks lisette!