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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Got a Bag of CHIPS!

I know this may seem like a really strange and random post... but I'm excited about my "Bag of Chips!" Jimmy is the worship leader and media director at our church... and as a member of the staff, he attends weekly staff meetings. Our pastor, Jack, does a great job of encouraging and edifying his staff for their roles in ministry and he has a fun way of doing so. For an exceptional job well-done, he gives each staff member a bag of chips... I guess he's saying he thinks they're "all that... and a bag of chips???" Anyway, although I'm not technically on staff, I do lead worship with my husband on Sunday mornings. And this past week, Jack gave me an honorary bag of chips for excellence in worship leading! What a neat and special gift... not the bag of chips itself... but what it represents! I'm so grateful to be a part of a body of believers that is consistently building up and encouraging one another, and am so blessed to have a pastor who recognizes others' gifts and encourages them to continue giving their best to glorify the Father. If you're totally bored or weirded-out by this post, I apologize. However, if anyone knows me, I don't take compliments well... so blogging about my bag of chips is my way of showing my appreciation for Jack's support and my way to show genuine gratitude for the gifts God has given me and that he allows me to use them for His glory!