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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Unexpected Blessing

Since my decision to spend more time taking photos and learning the art of photography, I've had the opportunity to come across some extremely talented photographers. One such photographer is not only very talented, but is dedicated to sharing her gift as a photographer for the glory of God. I like to read her blog and check out her photos of her two young boys... especially since I am the mother of a little guy myself. Today, I was surprised to find a very transparent entry on Rachel's blog... and as I read, God truly spoke to me. She talked about her struggle with self-image (something I am no stranger to... as anyone who knows me well could tell you) and her realization that God created her and he equipped her with gifts or "talents" for a specific reason. She shared the "Parable of the Talents" from the scripture. I was amazed because not even a few hours before I had read the same passage as part of my daily quiet time. I know God created me for a purpose and I know he has entrusted me with everything I have. All I have, all I am is a gift... a gift with a responsibility. And, until I learn to be faithful with what I've been entrusted, I know Christ cannot possibly lead me on to do bigger and better things for His Kingdom. So, thank you Rachel for the unexpected reminder... and for the encouragement of knowing there are others out there who share my struggles, prayers, and experiences! What an unexpected blessing!

... on a side note, Rachel also has issued a challenge to her readers to get in front of the camera with their kiddos every week for the next year. I'm already a few weeks behind, but I thought I would accept her challenge. Maybe this will help me get over my camera-shyness and help me learn to enjoy not only being behind the lens but being in front of it as well. I will be sending my photos to Rachel's blog as well as posting them to my blog each week. I hope you enjoy!
I'll try to have my first post up tomorrow!

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Lisette Price Photography said...

Lauren this is awesome. You are so incredibly beautiful inside and out, and I've always thought that. I too am no stranger to being critical of my body. But God created us all different and beautiful in our own ways - sometimes I have to keep reminding myself of this! And I know how you feel about your talents and gifts. We just have to put ourselves out there and know that God will lead us on the path he has chosen, not where we think we should be going. :)

I checked out her blog and I knew that I'd heard of her before. It may have been while I was searching around Bludomain as well. And you know what's funny? I have the same exact site template as her! Only mine looks different (colors and all). :) I can't wait to see your pictures each week with Declan!