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Saturday, March 21, 2009

An Inspiration

This past weekend we celebrated my Granddad's 90th birthday. This man is such an amazing inspiration to me and to everyone who knows him. He has seen more life and survived more world events than we can even conceive... including his service in WWII. Just last month, he discovered that he would be facing the biggest battle of his life... lung cancer. My granddad has always been unbelievably healthy and young for his age. He has never had any serious illness... and is now facing being sick for the first time. However, he is facing it all with dignity and grace... and cares about the well-being of my Grandmother and my family above his own self. I have always appreciated his gentle spirit, kindness, warm acceptance, and spiritual guidance. I felt so blessed to celebrate such a wonderful life and look forward to continuing the celebration in the future. I hope to post more photos from his 90th birthday party later on... but until then, here's one photo that I just pulled off my camera!


Lisette Price Photography said...

Lauren I am praying for your Granddad's health and that you all celebrate many more birthdays with him!

Over the Moon Custom Design said...

Thank you so much Lisette. That means a lot to me.

A Proud Mom said...

What an extraordinary man and one of the few remaining of the Greatest Generation who deserve our utmost respect and praise. I pray that he and the entire family have many more special moments to come.